Damco - Tecnologia bimateriale, iniezione a gas, stampaggio tecnico

Damco is a company with experience in the processing of thermoplastic materials, bi-material technology substitute for welding, gas injection for emptying, technical moulding


New area for MOCA molding

Our products
Damco produces any particular type of thermoplastic material up to a maximum weight of about 3,500 grams. The main processed materials are: ABS, PE, PP, PA, PC, POM, natural or added with various fillers and, of course, various types of engineering plastics (IXEF PPS, PPO, etc.).

We mainly work in the following areas:

special interior and exterior for washing machines and dishwashers (sprinklers, pipes, viewers, light guides, wheels, etc.).
special interior and exterior for engines and vehicles (fans, caps, grills, bulkheads, hulls, lids, etc.)
protection, mechanical and precision electrical and hydraulic systems.
precision tools.
containers for industrial automatic productions.
food containers and dairy.